Sawmill machinery
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WRC 1050 AC

Horizontal bandsaws for sawmills with smaller cutting capacity

Horizontal bandsaws are designed for individuals for which sawmilling is not main activity but only supplementary. This bandsaws are simple, but still sufficiently equipped with hydraulic components for simple and easy work. Saws are customized for easy installation and minimal use of labour.

  • Air-conditioned cabin on the sawmill

  • Wide range of log manipulating equipment

Technical data
Diameter of main wheels [mm]1050
Width of main wheels [mm]100
Max. log diameter (Dmax) [mm]cca
Max. Width between blade guides (Gmax) [mm]1050
Max. Thickness of cutted board (Hmax) [mm]240
Max. Width between grips (Vmax) [mm]710
Motor type + (el. Mechanical brake / frequency inverter) [kW]22/30/37/45KW
Cutting capacity [m3/8h*]do 30m3/8 ur
Bandsaw blade length/width [mm]7470/120
Max. Elevation of headrig (Emax) [mm]940
Width of sawmill (Y) [cm]5800
Total sawmill height (Z) [cm]3900(4200)