Sawmill machinery
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WRC 1225 AC

Horizontal bandsaws for sawmills with high cutting capacity

These saws in addition to its strong construction are distinguished by a high degree of automation, which contributes to high cutting capacity with minimum labour. They are upgraded with fully automated system with automatic setting of cut thickness and movements. In most cases are connected in production line with logdeck, outfeed conveyors and multirips.

Technical data
Diameter of main wheels [mm]1200
Width of main wheels [mm]125
Max. log diameter (Dmax) [mm]Φ 1250 mm
Max. Width between blade guides (Gmax) [mm]1250
Bandsaw blade length/width [mm] 8685 /150 mm
Max. Thickness of cutted board (Hmax) [mm]320
Max. Width between grips (Vmax) [mm]710
Motor type + (el. Mechanical brake / frequency inverter) [kW]30-45 Kw
Cutting capacity [m3/8h*]up to 43 m3 / 8h
Max. Elevation of headrig (Emax) [mm]1100
Width of sawmill (Y) [cm]6350
Total sawmill height (Z) [cm]4200(4300)