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WRC 1550 sawing line for big logs

Horizontal bandsaws for cutting hard exotic wood with big diameter, sawing line for big logs

Sawing line WRC 1550 is meant for cutting logs with diameter up to 1500mm. Due to massive and robust construction is especially made to cut hard exotic wood.

Speciality of these bandsaws is a robust and wide construction with additional reinforcements. All manipulation and control components including electronics are adapted to harsh weather conditions. We have also perfected form for easy transportation and installation.

Logdeck made from massive I300 profiles with strong el. Drive with gear, each loading hand is equipped with hydr. Cylinder for lifting capacity with ensures easy and fast log loading on bandsaw. Operator on the bandsaw controls together with bandsaw also logdeck and outfeed conveyor with sorting left/right. Command panel can be on the saw what assures better view on logs and control of cutting speed or can be separated with automatical cutting cycle. Wide blade, with automatical tension and hydraulical-linear pressure guide, assures fast and precise cut.

Equipment on the rails is adapted for fast manipulation with big diameter logs. Line is connected as whole with automatical transversal conveyors and automatical infeed conveyor with centrators and automatical exit conveyor with sorting. Professional equipment of this line assures high level of automation and minimal labour.